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History of the Carolina Cocker Spaniel Club

The Early Days

The Carolina Cocker Spaniel Club (CCSC) has a proud history dating as far back as 1934 when several cocker spaniel breeders from North and South Carolina met to lay the foundation of the club. Among its founding members were breed icons Minerva Purcell (Plantation), Larry and Jeanne Smith (Heyday), and Hagood and Lucy Bostick, who often hosted meetings in their home. In 1944, permission was formally granted to form our beloved specialty club, and quite a few years later on November 2, 1987, the club was officially incorporated by the state of North Carolina.

The club’s first show, according to AKC records, was in 1944 and was held in conjunction with the Columbia Kennel Club show. In following years, specialty classes not only continued to be held with the Columbia Kennel Club, but with the Charleston and Greenville Kennel Clubs as well. The Carolina Cocker Spaniel Club’s first independent specialty show was undertaken in 1969 and dedicated to Hagood and Lucy Bostick for their outstanding service to our club and the breed. Since that first show, the club continued to hold specialty shows annually in High Point, NC and Charlotte, NC. Additionally, the club has hosted two zone shows in its long-standing history – both of which drew excellent entries.

Our Logo

Our club logo has been around so long that no current member can really remember when it came into existence. The centerpiece of our logo is a head-study of the famed Heyday Headhunter, a beautiful black cocker spaniel bred by founding club members Larry and Jeanne Smith.


To list our members’ accomplishments at the ASC shows over the years would be a major undertaking. There have been numerous winners, both in Futurity and Regular classes, that were either bred or owned by CCSC members. We have also had some big winners at Westminster, including Ch. Carmor’s Rise and Shine (Shiner) who was bred by club member Mrs. Carl Morgan, and who was only the second cocker spaniel to ever win Westminster’s prestigious Best In Show.

Our Club Today

In 2006 our club’s home base moved to Davidson, NC so that we could began holding back-to-back Specialty shows at the E. Clarkson Rhame Memorial Arena in Camden, SC. This was an exciting undertaking for our club to branch out on our own, instead of holding our shows in conjunction with other all-breed shows.

Today the Carolina Cocker Spaniel Club is an active club consisting of over 40 members from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. We are a dedicated group and very committed to our breed. We take pride in our long-standing history, our accomplishments, and the fellowship we share as a club. For more than 65 years the vision of our founding members has endured and we look to the future with optimism and a continuing devotion to our beloved companions – the American Cocker Spaniel.

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